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Article Submission Guidelines

For "The Spirit of Inspiration" Book

Thank you for visiting this page. You have probably arrived here because you received a request to submit a short article on the theme of "Inspiration" in your language of expertise for our book, The Spirit of Inspiration.  We are looking for people from around the world who have a great love of their native language and would like to write a short 300 word article/essay written in English, about what the feeling and concept of inspiration means in their native language and culture. In an effort to promote multilingualism and multiculturalism, we would like to have at least 50 languages  represented in our book.  Below you can find detailed article submission guidelines. See the other articles that have been written.


We would like to have at least 50 languages represented in our book

Inspiration, Jean-Honoré Fragonard

Contents of this Page


Some Notes About the Book

This is a very pictorial book and will be in color. We use the arts to convey the feeling and spirit of inspiration.  We are also interested in showing how the feeling or concept of inspiration is viewed in other languages and cultures.  The book illustrates how all people of the world basically share the same experiences and values.  This will be the first of a series of books, each of which explores a different human value, such as peacetolerance, creativity, joy, sorrow, courage, honor, gratefulness, etc. The book contains:

The Audience

We are writing this book for a broad popular audience.  So the article should be in a simple to read format.


About Us

Check our personal Bios, Edwin Rutsch and Joan Kuenz (coming soon)


Contributor Requirements

Contributors and Languages List

Contributor  Compensation

We hope to find people who have a strong love of their native language and are motivated to share this love with a wide audience. We are on a budget for this book; therefore we will not be able to offer much in the way of financial compensation. Hopefully, for future books in the series, we will be able to offer more. We offer the following to article authors.

A Sample Article

The following offers a general guideline of  how the article could look. Feel free to modify these guidelines according to your inspirations.


Inspiration                       English
In English, inspiration refers to a feeling of emotional energy and enthusiasm. The sources of the feeling, be it nature, art, solitude, another person, or the gods, can be called an inspiration. Interestingly enough, something created from this feeling, such as, a business or work of art, is also called an inspiration.
The word inspiration comes to English from the French word, inspire, whose origin has been traced back to the Latin words in and spirare (breathe), or in other words, to breathe into. The Latin root word spirare forms the base of other English words, such as; aspire (rough or audible breathing), conspire (breathe together), expire (breathe out), perspire (breathe through), transpire (breathe across) and spirit (breath of life).

More than twenty-five locations, called Inspiration Point, dot the United States. These places located in nature have overwhelmingly beautiful views of the surrounding areas. Lafayette Bunnell, one of the first non-Indians to see Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point said, "The grandeur of the scene was but softened by the haze that hung over the valley, light as gossamer, and by the clouds which partially dimmed the higher cliffs and mountains. This obscurity of vision but increased the awe with which I beheld it, and as I looked, a peculiar exalted sensation seemed to fill my whole being, and I found my eyes in tears with emotion."

 A drawing of my first memory of Inspiration

While it didn’t bring me to tears, my first memory of feeling inspired was from reading adventure books like Call of the Wild, by Jack London and a book about some guys that drove a Land Rover around the world. This inspired me to want to travel and seek adventure. After High School, I started my adventures by backpacking in the California, Sierra Nevada mountains through Yosemite Valley and then continued on with ten years of travels around the world.


Detailed Explanation of Article


Deadline Schedule for Article Submission

Article should be submitted within 3 months after you committed to write the article. A general outline of the article should be sent as soon as possible. Let us know and we can work with you on this deadline. We do not want the deadline to be an obstacle to anyone that would consider contributing an article.


Obtaining Copyrights for Works of Art Used

Please send us all the material you can on the copyright holder of the stories, poems, images, photos, paintings, etc, that you use. It would be a big help if you have the information on who the copyright holder is.  Send us all the information you have on the materials used and we will track down the copyright holders and obtain permissions for reprint rights.


Article Copyrights Released to

By sending us your article, you give copyright permission to publish it in all mediums, including electronic and hard copy.   i.e. In our book, in a newsletter, on our website, etc.


If you have more Questions

If you would like more information about specific question or have any comments, see contact information below.


Yes, I want to Submit an Article

If  you decide you would like to submit an article, please email me Edwin Rutsch,

 (my email address), Phone: USA (510) 528-9895


Thank you for your time and consideration in this mater. I look forward to hearing from you.

Edwin Rutsch



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