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Dreams and Visions


Tartini's Dream 1868
James Marshall
Munich, Schack-Galerie. Akg London  1it-500-E1720

Karl Brulloff. Nun's Dream.

Nun's Dream
Karl Brulloff
A nun dreams about falling in love, at the door  the mother superior checks in on her.  We can have inspirations that can not be expressed because the world around us does not allow it. You can have feelings come up but you suppress them.. It could be for your own good, but then you are not following your inspiration.
  A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise
Karl Brulloff
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia.
  Jacob's Ladder
Public domain art
Jacob dreams and sees angels on a ladder to heaven. This is similar to some Arabic paintings that contain angels.
Jacob's Dream
Adam Elsheimer
Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt
  The Knight's Dream
Antonio de Pereda
Real Academia de San Fernando, Madrid,
The knight sleeps and dreams, symbols surround him and all is vanity. The angel brings him a message. All the things of life that inspired him, are they worthless?



Queen Katherine's Dream

William Blake


Queens Katherine's Dream 1804
William Blake, after Henry Fuseli (1741-1825)

Constantine's Dream
Piero Della Francesca
dream of a cross before the battle.
Eve's dream 
Engrav. Haughton 1804
  The Shepherd's Dream, from `Paradise Lost'
Henry Fuseli
Saint Ildefonso's Vision
Ralph Fabri
  The Nightmare
Henry Fuseli
  The Artist's Dream
John Anster Fitzgerald

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of
John Anster Fitzgerald 109712

  The Nightmare
John Anster Fitzgerald
(drug induced?)
  Poets Dream


  Day Dreams  
  Day Dream
Kenneth Hayes Miller
Women in a day dream.. I do a lot of day dreaming, fantasizing about scenarios,  the mind brings up images,
  Daydream Daydream Jeanne Jacquemin
  Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The Day Dream. The Day Dream
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  Dream Castle in the Sky Dream Castle in the Sky
Maxfield Parrish
Another day dream,, we create visions of what our goals are,, they become the dream castle. we can work towards those castles and they inspire up onward.
  The Dream is Consummated in Death
Odilon Redon
  The Dream
Odilon Redon


    The Vision
Frederic Remington 30311
    Sleep of Endymion
Louvre, Paris
    The Vision of Endymion 1902
Edward John Poynter  62972

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  Image   Vision After the Sermon, Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
 Paul Gauguin
National Gallery of Scotland
  Beata Beatrix   Beata Beatrix
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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